The 3 Foundational Principles for Endless Abundant Lists of Happy & Loyal Customers are somethings I learned from one of my mentors Jonathan Budd.  These are key principles for building and maintaining a successful business, especially an online business.  Believe me when I tell you that I have learned the HARD way by not following these principles.  I wanted to share these with you today so that you can avoid making the mistakes that I have made.

The 3 Foundational Principles for Endless Abundant Lists of Happy & Loyal Customers

Foundation Principle #1: CONSISTENCY

You MUST be CONSISTENT.  A good and true friend is consistent.  Just take a look at your current relationships with your close friends.  Look at how often you speak to them, interact with them.  Your offline friendships should be the same as your online friendships.

Foundation Principle #2: RECIPROCITY

Firstly, you must understand the Principle of Reciprocity and create adequate reciprocity by having your list want to send it to you.  This is done by giving your list incredible valuable content and information.  They will want to thank you.  And they will thank you by reciprocate what you’ve done for them.

Foundation Principle #3: CARE MORE/ SHARE MORE

It is most important for you to care more about your subscribers more than you care about making a quick buck.  If you don’t, you will make them feel like an ATM.  So how do you show them you care more?  You will show them you care more by sharing MORE content, trainings, and information that is of great value.  The more you share shows how much you care.

One of the most important tips I have learned is that the money is in your RELATIONSHIP with your list/subscribers and NOT its SIZE.  You could go out and purchase a list of 100,000 people, but make $0.  I know of so many entrepreneurs with smaller lists than most, but they make more than those with larger lists.   You must learn how to essential create “good will” with them.

So take what I am sharing with you today  about the 3 Foundational Principles for Endless Abundant Lists of Happy & Loyal Customers and go create your abundant list right now.

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The AWHB- Association of Women In Home Business ( has launched!

Get Excited & Stay Excited! I have been keeping this association secret for months… and you all know how much I love to share!!!  But this was and is a very important project by the founder who is also my dear friend and mentor Janie Jones.  It was a great honor and pleasure on my part to be able to assist her with putting this together along with several other friends, leaders, and mentors like Kristie Wooten and Susan Goodknight.  I’m so happy that the CAT is finally out of the Bag!

Since we are just launching this association, I would love to invite you to be a FOUNDING MEMBER!  Now we only have 100 spots available and our association is already spreading like wild fire.  CLICK HERE to go there now and become a founding member.

This is an amazing opportunity for you to be connected with other dynamic women with the same common goal.  Through this association we’re able to come together and share our expertise, our knowledge, our stories, and hopes and dreams with one another.  And not to mention foster and develop and cultivate new friendships and even partnerships.  Just think about it, if we all unite together, we can reach our goals much faster!  Truly, together (like Obama says) we do BIG THINGS!

Janie really had a big vision and I’m so happy that I have that same vision along with the many other leaders who are already part of this association.  Support and training is something that has been a great deal of struggle or lack of for many women in home business.  Through the AWHB, women entrepreneurs will be united and will have all the support and training they need to gain the success they desire.

AWHB‘s Founder Janie, like myself, has had a great deal of experience in the home business, work from home, and network marketing industries.

She has compiled a directory that she is giving away for FREE: F.R.E.E.  Online Best Home Careers For Women.  In this F.R.E.E.  Directory, you will be able to have immediate access to  the best home careers for women. You can feel confident that the women in the directory operate their business/practices with the utmost integrity.

So if you are a woman (or know of a woman):

  • Seeking a new home career/ home business
  • Seeking to work smarter and not harder
  • Seeking help promoting your current business

Then this is an association just for you!

As you know I love to inspire, empower and connect women and men with like-minded people, training, coaches/mentors, tools and resources to make the journey to success energized, purposeful, and empowering.  I am confident and pleased to say that you will get connected to that and more through the AWHB.

So go here to AWHB to join this awesome community of women and step into your greatness, live your passions and purpose, and get the success training you need.  The Association of Women In Home Business is waiting for you!

To Your Success…

Kantrese Smith

Association of Women In Home Business Founding Members

Not Throwing Up On ProspectToday I want to speak with you on the Importance of NOT “Throwing Up” on Your Prospects.  Quite often when we learn something new, when we are doing something we love and are passionate and excited about, we want to share it with the world.  When we go to share what we know with the world, we often get overly excited that we end up telling it all, unloading every last single thing we know on the ears of those that are listening.  This is what we call “Throwing Up” on people.  You are unleashing all that you know and overloading and overwhelming your listener with everything and this can be extremely damaging when you’re building a business.

Watch my message below in the video:  Importance of NOT ‘Throwing Up’ on Your Prospects

Part 1

Part 2

To avoid “Throwing Up” on your prospects you should do the following things.

1. Have organized thoughts and details. Its good to have an outline, bullet points, or even a script to use as a guide when you are talking to keep your thoughts in an organized format.

2. Never overwhelm your prospect.  #1 will assist with this, but also knowing what is too much and what is not enough to say.

3. KISS rule. Keep It Short & Simple.  Be clear and concise.  Use third party verification.  Having someone else to validate your products, services and opportunity is always a bonus such as a sizzle call, webinar, or even 3-way.

4. Focus on THEM. When you are speaking with a prospect, the key is to get to know them.  To learn more about them and get them talking about themselves.  Just think about it, who doesn’t like to talk about themselves?  You will, during the course of speaking with them, get to know them and see if they are someone you want to partner with.  You have to get them “playing ball” with you.  This is done by engaging in conversation and asking them questions and answering their questions.  For example, You say “How are you today?” He says, “I’m fine and you?” You say “I’m doing well, thanks for asking. What can I do to assist you?” He says, “I need a lot of assistance, what kind do you provide?” and so forth.

Make the conversation about them while remaining in control of the conversation by being the one asking the questions & actively listening to them.

Talking too much and giving too much information without developing a relationship with your prospect will kill your business.  You must refrain from overloading your prospects with too much information.  You want them to know that building a business is not overly complicated.  You don’t want them to feel as though they have to do what you did when you were talking too much.  This will be a MAJOR discouraging factor.  You want to have things simplified and easy for your prospect to relate and want to do when they partner with you.  So understanding the importance of  not “throwing up” on your prospects is one ESSENTIAL part to your success.

So, if you like the message on the Importance of NOT ‘Throwing’ Up on Your Prospects and you see how it can be of great value to someone else, please provide a comment below and SHARE this on your twitter, facebook, myspace and other social networks.

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Hi All!

Online Marketing!!! Boy is this a large subject! I am super excited about sharing this area of my blog with you.  Here you will learn about what online marketing is, the different types available, and how to use it in whatever type of business you are in.  This section will encompass all areas whether it is for the online home-based business industry or for your own personal use.  I’ve been doing online marketing for over 7 years now and I’m still learning because it does change as technology changes!  I wanted to share with you some of my experiences, tips or tricks, & advice that has helped me be a successful online marketer.   I also wanted to connect with those who may be taking their first journey into the online home-based business/ network marketing industry.

I love online marketing because it gives me a chance to expose myself and/or my business to people who I would’ve never been able to connect with.  Once you are done with this section of my blog, you’ll love it too!

Pretty much…this area will be jam packed with information to help develop you into an awesome online marketer!

I hope you enjoy all of the information provided in this section of my blog.  I know that I will enjoy sharing it.  And to let you know I love receiving feedback from each and everyone of you… so please DO NOT be shy!

To Your Success in Becoming an Awesome Online Marketer…


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