Free Word Press BlogThis is something you will absolutely love…I am going to share with you information on How to Get a FREE Customized Self Hosted Word Press Blog.  I will tell you this is something I wish I had access to prior to learning CSS and building my own blog (  This would have saved me MANY headaches and long nights!!  Many of you have requested my help with designing and building your own blog.  As much as I want to help you all individually, there is no way I can design and set-up over 1000 blogs all by myself.  I am currently a VIP with this amazing company, Social Spin, and work closely with a group of social media experts who have agreed to provide a FREE WordPress blog.  This is not just any old type of blog… this is a PREMIUM, Highly PROFESSIONAL, CUSTOMIZED blog….  See my special message below:

And it gets better… you’ll receive FOR FREE…

  • 24-Hour WordPress Blog Setup (correction from the video- turn around is FASTER)
  • Custom Designed Premium Themes
  • Installation of 20+ Essential Plugins
  • Social Media Profile Integration
  • Ongoing Blog and Plugin Upgrades
  • Month of Award Winning Web Hosting
  • Blogging & Social Media Training Videos

There are no contracts whatsoever!  Now as I did mention, this is a SELF HOSTED blog like mine.  This will not be built on or through but it will be done with  The only thing you’ll be responsible for is your own hosting (which means your real estate or “lot” for the blog) and you will get that for less than $10 a month!

I am so honored to be able to provide you all with this information.  It has been an honor working with and being trained by the different experts at Social Spin.  I only want the best quality of training and tools for you all.

Better hurry fast though…This is going live TOMORROW… so be the FIRST and get on my PRIVATE VIP list and be the FIRST to know and get your own blog!


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I am looking forward to your Social Media Success!!


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