The 3 Foundational Principles for Endless Abundant Lists of Happy & Loyal Customers are somethings I learned from one of my mentors Jonathan Budd.  These are key principles for building and maintaining a successful business, especially an online business.  Believe me when I tell you that I have learned the HARD way by not following these principles.  I wanted to share these with you today so that you can avoid making the mistakes that I have made.

The 3 Foundational Principles for Endless Abundant Lists of Happy & Loyal Customers

Foundation Principle #1: CONSISTENCY

You MUST be CONSISTENT.  A good and true friend is consistent.  Just take a look at your current relationships with your close friends.  Look at how often you speak to them, interact with them.  Your offline friendships should be the same as your online friendships.

Foundation Principle #2: RECIPROCITY

Firstly, you must understand the Principle of Reciprocity and create adequate reciprocity by having your list want to send it to you.  This is done by giving your list incredible valuable content and information.  They will want to thank you.  And they will thank you by reciprocate what you’ve done for them.

Foundation Principle #3: CARE MORE/ SHARE MORE

It is most important for you to care more about your subscribers more than you care about making a quick buck.  If you don’t, you will make them feel like an ATM.  So how do you show them you care more?  You will show them you care more by sharing MORE content, trainings, and information that is of great value.  The more you share shows how much you care.

One of the most important tips I have learned is that the money is in your RELATIONSHIP with your list/subscribers and NOT its SIZE.  You could go out and purchase a list of 100,000 people, but make $0.  I know of so many entrepreneurs with smaller lists than most, but they make more than those with larger lists.   You must learn how to essential create “good will” with them.

So take what I am sharing with you today  about the 3 Foundational Principles for Endless Abundant Lists of Happy & Loyal Customers and go create your abundant list right now.

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Get Excited & Stay Excited!! I wanted to provide this Unstoppable Entrepreneur Bonuses post to first educate you on and share with you the details of the upcoming Unstoppable Entrepreneur event by my mentor Jonathan Budd.  Not to mention some pretty awesome bonuses that I will explain to you a bit later.

You may or may not know that I have been an affiliate for Jonathan Budd for about give or take 7 months.  I had been following Jonathan’s teachings and trainings for a year prior.  Not too long ago he was a 23 year old punk kid who was broke and turned around his situation to making over $50k per month then on to making over 10 million dollars in his lifetime this far.  When I finally decided to give Jonathan’s trainings a try, I was at the point in my network marketing/ home based business career where I needed a change… I needed assistance… I need to get out of the spiraling abyss I appeared to be falling into.

Ever since I started to really dig into his trainings and implement some of the strategies I began to see a change in my marketing tactics and began to see an increase in the amount of leads I had for my business as well as the amount of new friends or relationships I was able to attract, cultivate and nurture.

Over these past 7 months or so, I have been privileged to be a founding member of just about every single new coaching program that Jonathan has launched.  I have gotten to see him develop into an Unstoppable Entrepreneur.  Through all the coaching and trainings I have been to with him, I have seen and felt his magnetic energy that he protrudes. I’ve grown to admire him for his ability to empower others to make a change in their lives and inspire them to take MASSIVE ACTION.  He has found great inspiration, passion, empowerment from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Ghandi, and Mother Theresa to be able to tap in his innate powers within and design this remarkable-must-attend-transformational event.  In addition to that, Jonathan is always on the cutting edge of marketing… he always knows what’s happening now or rather what’s happening before it happens.

So with the pending launch of the Unstoppable Entrepreneur, I have put together some pretty amazing bonuses.  Especially since this particular launch is not an online product it is an actual offline launch… where you will be able to experience GREATNESS, SUCCESS from our industries finest who all will be at this EPIC event that you would be CRAZY to miss.

Since this is an offline event, what better than to include some offline bonuses– GET EXCITED!

unstoppable entrepreneur bonuses

Kantrese’s Exclusive Unstoppable Entrepreneur Bonuses


First 3 people who purchase their tickets through my link will get access to an exclusive MASTERMIND ELITE event that is hosted by my fellow Relationship & Video Marketing Queen Rachel Jackson and rising internet celebrity Ryan Yokome and many other TOP Earners.  This event will take place Friday night prior to the Unstoppable Entrepreneur seminar itself.  My buddy Rachel Jackson (RJ) has graciously offered to give me 3 extra tickets to share with anyone I choose and I will with the first 3 who purchase through my link.

Rachel Jackson

Rachel “RJ” Jackson


Ryan Yokome


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First 5 people who purchase their tickets through my link will receive my upcoming marketing product for FREE.  Since this product is in it’s early creation stages, I will not release the name of it but this product has been designed with the novice marketer in mind.  There is going to be endless amount of step-by-step training in all aspects of online marketing, social media and so much more.  This marketing product will truly be for the people who are looking to get started in online marketing, who are new to network marketing and have failed with the other so-called “basic” or “beginner” trainings out there on the net.

Value: $997 [actual launch price has not been determined]

Plus 1 hour Coaching Session with yours truly

Value: $97

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Everyone will have the opportunity to meet with me IN PERSON. You will be able to develop and expand your relationship with me personally while you get to meet all the other top performers in this marketing place.

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Plus you’ll receive a discount of 40% off the purchase of my upcoming marketing product once it launches.

Value: between $400-950 [depending on launch price]

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In short, there are over a BILLION reasons why you NEED to be at this event.  Here are the main 3 reasons WHY:

  1. Your Net Worth is your Network.  This will be the HOTTEST networking opportunity of the entire year.  You can’t afford to miss this if you’re in network marketing or direct sales.
  2. Meet ME in person.  I will get to meet you and YOU will get to meet all of the industry leaders part of my mastermind circle.  You will be able to develop & expand you relationship with me personally, while also meeting the other top performers in this marketing space.
  3. This would usually be a $2000-$3000 per ticket event.  Because I’m an exclusive affiliate of Jonathan’s I can offer this ticket for $297, instead of 3k.

Plus Jonathan Budd has bonuses of his own as well to add onto the ones I am offering…

So this is really an event that you DO NOT want to miss!

I think the reason why I’m most passionate about this is because I will get to meet all of my awesome friends and industry leaders in person like: Jonathan Budd, Aaron Fortner, Rachel Jackson, Ryan Yokome, Amanda-Marie, Molly Dalbec, Jennifer May and many other awesome industry leaders.

Remember, if you haven’t gotten caught up on the FREE three video Unstoppable Entrepreneur series, I recommend that you do that NOW. Those amazing videos will be coming down as soon as the 7 day window for ticket purchase closes which is February 28th at midnight PST.

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I cannot stress to you how important this event is.  Not only will this be the HOTTEST networking opportunity of the entire year…but this experience can be that missing piece to not only taking your business to the next level but your life as well.  You can’t afford to miss this!

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VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you EMAIL ME after you registered for the event at so that I can make sure you’re credited to me to receive your bonuses.  TIP: Clear your cookies prior to clicking on the registration link.
See you in Cali!

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Please be advised Kantrese Smith will earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through her affiliate link for The Unstoppable Entrepreneur. The “marketing product” has not been launched yet and you will be notified prior to the public launch of this product. If at any point you refund your The Unstoppable Entrepreneur ticket(s) you will be removed from “marketing product” early list immediately.  All bonuses are non-transferable unless approved by Kantrese Smith.  Your MasterMind Elite VIP ticket with Me, Rachel Jackson, etc will be given to the next in line.  Kantrese Smith reserves the right to change the bonuses during or after The Unstoppable Entrepreneur is for sale. Bonuses may not be exactly as shown.

As you are conducting your search right now for that AWESOME opportunity to do from the comfort of your own home.  I want to make sure you understand the difference between working a home based job and a home career.  Many of us didn’t know that there was a difference.  In the beginning, I know I did not.  So it is best that this is explained to you now so that you understand.

Sometimes people get confused by the terms work at home job and business opportunity. They are generally two different ways to work at home. Some people think they are interchangeable, but they really each have their own characteristics.

A work at home job is much like a job outside the home. You will be EMPLOYED by a company. You will have a Manager to report to and will be given work and often have a schedule to follow that is set by the company.  While most work at home jobs do not hire on people as employees, they are still basically working in the role of an employee.  Most work at home positions are as an independent contractor, which basically means the company does not withhold taxes and do not have to guarantee work for the person.  Most companies will pay you as W-2 employee and will pay either per minute, hourly, salary, commission or base by.  It varies by each company.

Many of these companies have tedious hiring processes.  They will have many applicants to compete with as there are not that many companies that hire employees to work from home.  These companies most likely will complete a background check and require a headset, landline, printer/fax/copier, no distractions and so forth.  Most times you will have to purchase these things to be able to start. Some companies will reimburse you for these, some will not.  If you have children, you may still need daycare or a babysitter because you cannot have any background noises or distractions for most of the positions companies offer.   With a work from home job, there is still no security and no freedom.  You can be fired or laid off at anytime.  And worst of all, with a work at home job and a traditional job; you are trading your valuable time for money.  (Find out more about work from home jobs by contacting a well known company that specializes in placing people in legitimate jobs from home: Blessed 2 Be Home. You can send them an email and get a current listing of hiring companies)

A home business is like any other business.  The person is generally responsible for every aspect of the business from customers to products to administration.  A home business owner can work with a company and sell their goods or offer their services, so they do not have to worry about products and in some cases orders.  They are Independent Contractors and issued 1099s instead of W-2s.  This shows the IRS that they are not employees and are able to receive all the tax cuts that regular business owners receive.  This means that you would be able to write off your mortgage/rent, phone bill, cell phone bill, gas, electric, car mileage, printer ink, internet, computer usage, and so much more.  However, the main point to a home business is that you are not given work to do. You are responsible for managing your business.  You will not have a boss to report to, quotas to meet, or a set schedule to work.  Most companies that you start a home business with will send you a commission check daily, weekly, and/or monthly, but if you are not working with a company and it’s your own company then you’d handle your own pay. When you are your own boss, you are in control of the income that you make.  You can give yourself a raise when you want too!  You have the ability to build a lifetime income through residual commissions (which means you get paid over and over off of something you did once—you will not get this perk with a job from home!).  A tax-deductible monetary investment is normally required some as low as $50 and often a low monthly tax-deductible overhead cost to maintain what the company provides to you to use to operate your own business.

The two terms, work at home job and home business, are often a cause for someone to get wrapped up in a work at home opportunity they do not understand. Many people mistake a home business for a work at home job and are disappointed they have to handle so much work or that they are not guaranteed paychecks on a steady basis. Others get a work at home job and are not happy at having someone give them work to do and a set schedule. That is why it is important for anyone wanting to work at home to understand the difference between the two.

I hope you enjoy all of the information provided in posting.  I know that I enjoy sharing it.   By the way, I LOVE receiving feedback from each and everyone of you… so please DO NOT be shy!  Leave a comment below & SHARE this information with your friends by clicking the links below the post to share on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and so forth.

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