john-milton-quoteToday is Day 2 of Creating Peace From The Inside Out: The Power of Connection of Deepak & Oprah’s 21 Day Meditation Experience.

In today’s meditation, we’re focusing on:

Ideal Relationships and Where They Come From

I learned that ideal relationships are based on how I relate and connect to my core self. To feel loved, respected, cared for, and close to others, I must find and feel those values for myself first. As Oprah said, “All that we seek in relationships will only be found if we start by knowing and actualizing love in our own being.”

I personally struggle with self compassion.  I have always been hard on myself, setting high expectations on myself and doing for others far more than I do for myself.  It’s been a journey learning how to make sure I take care of me because if I don’t then there will not be enough of me left to be there for anyone else.

Another a-ha moment I pretty much had during today’s meditation was that ideal relationships are based on how I relate and connect to my core self.  I REALLY realized that.  I discovered that I have been focused on not feeling loved, wanted, or cared for enough by others when deep down I was seeing a reflection of how I thought of myself.  So if I really want to feel loved, respected, cared for by others I do have to love myself, respect myself, and care for myself as well as show it to those people.  I have to give how I want to receive and I have to FEEL, KNOW love in my own being.

When I went to journal today, it really made me think hard about a lot of interactions or lack of interactions I have with people whether family, friends or even acquaintances.  I had to reflect on how I relate to family, friends, and coworkers and outline three qualities that define successful connection to me. Then I had to reflect upon whether I give other people those same things.

Next I had to write down the things that really push my buttons and cause a lack of peace and connection. Sadly there were quite a few things that really push my buttons, lol.  Next I had to consider how I, from my side, can overcome this disconnect thinking about (and writing)  the positive qualities I can bring out to create a connection.  There were some qualities that I can improve on and bring out such as listening more and truly respecting other people’s opinions.

Lastly, I had to think about someone I’d like to connect with but haven’t yet.  Figuring out and describing a gesture I could make towards them the next time I see them that is comfortable for me was a little bit challenging.  I think because I second guess myself or think I’m overreacting at times or most often I feel my gestures are rejected by many.  So after attempting to figure this out, I set a goal for myself to make test this out… we’ll see how it goes!

Today’s Centering Thought:

My relationships begin within, through love and caring for myself.

I have to constantly remind myself to take care of myself.  Repeating this centering thought throughout today has helped me a great deal.

Karuna Hum… I am compassion.

Until the next message my friend!

Blessings, Love & Light…

Your Exuberant Servant Heart Leader

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