mghandi-quote Bringing the True Self Home is the focus for Day 3 of Creating Peace From The Inside Out: The Power of Connection for Deepak & Oprah’s 21 Day Meditation Experience.

In today’s meditation, I learned that when we experience our essential self and make it our core identity, we have found the common ground of love and peace to connect with others. Also I learned that my true self shines through when I experience those moments in life when I felt loved, secure, and at peace.   A realization that was made clear is that this core self is the real basis for all successful and rewarding relationships in your life. The true self is fundamentally different than our false self with its ego-centered desires, judgments, and goals. When we try to establish relationships based on our ego needs, we invariably find conflict.

When I really focused on the topic of Bringing the True Self Home, I questioned myself or rather evaluated myself to see which was shining through more my “false” self or true self.  I really dug deep to identify the moments when I had the false self taking the driver seat in my life. Perhaps this is why there was and/or has been conflict in my life and with certain people who I am no longer connected with or lost touch with.  I pondered briefly if maybe they were showing their false self and that’s where the clash came from.  However, I know that the focus is not on what they do, but rather on myself, what I’m doing, what my inner self is showing others.  What self is present?

When journaling today, I reflected on the idea that all relationships come back to how I relate to myself. I listed qualities of relationship such as respect, trust, appreciation, love, non-judgment, caring, compassion, honesty, etc. and how it applies to me.  It was very useful for me to do this and identify how I show each of those qualities to myself. Then I took all of the positive qualities I identified and write down one thing I can do today to show that quality to someone else.

I’ll admit initially I was reluctant on really doing any of these activities that involved interacting with someone, but that would defeat the whole purpose of being able to truly connect with others through all relationships, right??  Lastly, I took all or any negative qualities and wrote down one thing that I could do today to feel better about that specific quality.  Needless to say, I’m learning so much more about myself and honing in on my wellbeing.

Each day it is getting better…

Repeating today’s Centering Thought over and over again:

My true self is the source of peace and love.
Shanti Hum… I am peace.

Until the next message my friend!

Blessings, Love & Light…

Your Exuberant Servant Heart Leader

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