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I had a topic laid upon my heart to share with you today… we all need to work on something major in our lives and it is our mindset.  I wanted to talk to you about having a Zillionaire Mind.  I bet you’re wondering what in the world is a Zillionaire??  I know many years ago I wondered the same thing and even more so if this is something that is achievable… well my awesome friend– it is!

Instead of writing a long blog post to you, I thought it would be more compelling to just speak it to you by making a video.  I am still in my early stages of doing videos.  So please bear with me.  I hope that you will enjoy the message I was led to share with you today.  Please share this with others!

Part 1

Part 2

Look at some one who encompasses having a Zillionaire Mind.  Here is an amazing story of a 26 year old (high school drop out) named Gurbaksh Chahal who is single and living the American Dream as a Zillionaire.  He dropped out of high school and began his first internet business at the age of 16!  Watch this powerful story…

Here are the books/cds that I recommend:

1. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Ekert- click here
(An awesome friend, Ryan Martin gives a good insight on this book too: Inside the Mind of the Millionaire)
2.Money Does Grow On Trees by Steven Spangenberg, CPA – click here
*Just tell Steve I sent ya and put the title of the book in the subject*
3. The Ebony Treasure Map by Myron Golden-
click here
4. From Cashman to Trashman by Myron Golden- click here
5. Go for No-
6. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (get e-book for free by subscribing to my mailing list!)
7. The Dream-
Gurbaksh Chahal- click here

I encourage, inspire and empower you to make a change today.  Claim what it is that you want in life.  Claim that you are a Zillionaire, claim your Zillionaire Mind.  Take ACTION to manifest the abundance you desire in your life today.

So are you going to REMAIN where you are or are you going to take ACTION today?

I hope you enjoyed what I have shared with you in this posting.  I know that I enjoyed sharing it.    I LOVE receiving feedback from each and everyone of you… so please DO NOT be shy!  Leave a comment below & SHARE this information with your friends by clicking the links below the post to share on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and so forth.

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You are probably wondering “how can I prepare for a phone interview?”  I know, I was in your same spot when I was in the process of being hired to work from home.  This is why I am providing some great tips that will help you to prepare for ANY phone interview that you may have.

The preparation, conduct, method of handling questions, and even your body language are as likely to impact the outcome as if you were sitting in the office of the recruiter.  Following are some very useful guidelines.

Step One: The Rehearsal

Practice in front of the mirror, or with a friend or your spouse listening to you, asking questions and playing the part of the interviewer. Make a list of questions you expect the interviewer to ask and have good answers prepared, but have them on the top of your head in general and not memorized. Memorized answers can sound canned and not real, and will not help you. You need to appear genuine and real.

Step Two: Why are You Right for This Opportunity?

Prepare and practice two or three ideas that you want to get across to the interviewer as to why you are the right person for this opportunity. If you are having trouble thinking of ideas, read your resume again. Look for the key points, qualifications or accomplishments you have written, and be ready to discuss them.

Step Three: What’s in it for Them?

What can you do for the company? The recruiter really doesn’t care why you would like the opportunity; they care about how you can help the company if you are hired.

Step Four: Dress to Impress (Yourself)

On the morning of the interview, get dressed. Wear the same clothes when you are on the phone that you would wear if you were in front of the interviewer in person. Dress for success and your attitude will reflect it. Dress in your pajamas or an old sweat shirt and your attitude may reflect that as well.

Step Five: Smile

Smiles are contagious, even if they can’t be seen. Good salesmen know this and practice smiling on the phone. There is something in your voice and attitude that is conveyed when you smile, and the person on the other end of the phone can sense it. There is truth in the old saying, “Smile and the world smiles with you.” It is basic human nature.

Step Six: Speak Clearly

It is important to speak clearly and to enunciate your words. Use a good quality phone, a land line not a cordless. If at all possible do not use a cellular phone for the interview. Crackling noises are distractions and bad cell sites, leading to dropped calls, are a negative. You only want positives during your phone interview.

Step Seven: Relax. Be Yourself

During the interview itself, try to relax and be yourself and do your best. When it is over remember to thank the interviewer for his or her time, and offer to provide any other information they might need to make a decision. Be professional and you may well be rewarded with an opportunity.  (Author Heather Eagar)

Some other important things to remember:

Schedule the interview so that there is enough time to do homework and prepare. Reschedule surprise interviews. Tell the caller that you have a conflict and arrange a mutually convenient time that allows you at least 24 hours to organize and plan for the discussion. Make sure to get the name and title of the person with whom you will be speaking.

You should be in a quiet area where there are no distractions. That means making sure there are no disturbances. Barking dogs, crying children, background stereo or TV, or any other type of noise or disruption is unprofessional. Make sure your family knows you cannot be bothered. If alerted by your call waiting service, ignore it – and don’t forget to shut off your cell phone. If it is not possible to eliminate disturbances, then arrange to take the call from a location outside of your home or office.

Keep pen and paper handy to jot down an address, phone number, or the spelling of a name. It is our recommendation that you do not take notes while being interviewed. Note taking creates uncomfortable pauses in the dialog and you will invariably miss part of what is being said. Write any notes at the conclusion of the interview while the information is still fresh in your mind.

Lastly, thank the person for the interview, show enthusiasm about pursuing the opportunity, and ask about the next step in the process. Write a thank you note the same day. Follow up with a phone call within two or three days to ask questions that have surfaced since the interview.

I hope you enjoy all of the information provided in posting.  I know that I enjoy sharing it.   By the way, I LOVE receiving feedback from each and everyone of you… so please DO NOT be shy!  Leave a comment below & SHARE this information with your friends by clicking the links below the post to share on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and so forth.

To Your Development In Any Career You Pursue…