Hi All!

I bet you’re wondering what is up with the miscellaneous category!?  Well as you will see in my About Me section and as you will learn about me, I’ve done many things and have a great wealth of knowledge in many areas to share.  So this section of my blog is also my favorite because I get to write about what ever I want to :-)  Get Excited!!!  I will start out by sharing some information on Animal Care for the avid animal lovers like myself (I also worked in the animal care industry for over 6 years) and also some poems I’ve written.  I have written hundreds of poems and even won some prizes for them on www.poetry.com back when I was a teenager.  I used to love writing poems and short stories but for some reason I stopped.  This is my way to reconnect with many things that I stopped doing and also connect with people who have similar interests.

I hope you enjoy all of the information provided in this section of my blog.  I know that I will enjoy sharing it.  And to let you know I love receiving feedback from each and everyone of you… so please DO NOT be shy!

To Reconnecting with Your Interests/Hobbies/Self…


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