“It’s choice – not chance – that determines your destiny.”
~Jean Nidetch, founder of Weight Watchers International, Inc.~

Just the other day I was speaking with a lady who contacted me because she wanted to make a change in her life.  She did not like where she was at– meaning her situation.  This woman was working an outside job and had done a home business in the health & wellness industry.  When I asked her how was her business doing or how did she enjoy it, she went on and on about why she wasn’t successful in that business.  She began to list off her past situations, her current separation from her spouse and the fact that it was an one income household as reasons why she had not been successful.  She also told me that the economy had also contributed to her lack of success as well as many other variables.

This is my important message to each and everyone of you reading my blog….

Success is a Choice

Yes, you heard me. Success is a CHOICE. Just like you choose to go buy a pair of shoes, or go to the grocery store, or to pursue a certain career– you also choose to be successful or not.  We either make the choice or we don’t.  We can only control the variables we have control over.  There is no right or wrong.

The woman made up in her mind that she was not successful because of the different variables.  Her main reason was because of her separation and lack of funds for tools.

I am here to tell you like I told her.  That has NOTHING to do with her success.    “She” is what is holding her back from her success.  The variables are just that– variables.  We can either work around them and through them or we allow them to overtake us.  And that’s what she was doing… allowing her circumstances to dictate her success.  As I tell people that I mentor, the “Me” factor will get in your way all of the time.  You have to grow through personal development/ personal growth.  It is all a mindset that must be changed.  Success is a MINDSET.  This is WHY we CAN control it.

All successful people started from nothing.  All successful people went through ups and downs.  But they chose to keep moving forward and kept focus on their goal of success and that’s why they are wealthy, that’s why they are successful, that’s why they are living a life of freedom that many of us will only sit there and fantasize about… Well I know I’m not fantasizing about it because I’m making the necessary steps in my life to obtain the success that I desire.

Take a look at Tony Robbins… his first “mega home” had a mortgage of $10,000,000 and you know what?  He was just getting started in his career, mainly opening gigs and still speaking at other peoples’ events that he wasn’t hosting!  His home sat completely unfurnished as he was struggling just to pay the bank each month on the house…  And look at where Tony Robbins is today– 30 million dollars later…!

Here is my sound advice for you….

  • Focus on what you’re in control over – that’s WHAT YOU CAN DO— AND ALL YOU CAN DO. You, and only YOU can make the choice as to whether or not you’re going to be successful.  No one else can make that decision.

  • No more excuses.  As I mentor  others, our saying is No Excuses, Just Results. So stop making EXCUSES!
  • Hold yourself accountable for everything.  Whether it is good or bad.  You must take responsibility for what you do and don’t do.
  • Make the choice that YOU ARE A WINNER and YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL…because YOU ARE– Get Excited!!
  • Most importantly, Successful people SQUASH negative thinking.  They do not allow what others to say to enter their minds to hinder and dwell.  They shun the “naysayers” and they laugh in the face of the unknown.

So…What choice are you making?

I hope you enjoyed what I have shared with you in this posting.  I know that I enjoyed sharing it.    I LOVE receiving feedback from each and everyone of you… so please DO NOT be shy!  Leave a comment below & SHARE this information with your friends by clicking the links below the post to share on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and so forth.

To Your Choice For Success…


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