Alternative To WebEx and GoToWebinarToday I wanted to share with you my Top 3 Alternatives to WebEx & GoToWebinar since I’ve been receiving questions from many on this topic.  Using a great webinar system to host webinars, seminars, meetings is a smart business move no matter what business you are in; especially if you are in the network marketing industry.  However, this can be a very costly.  For example, most companies and networkers use Cisco’s WebEx and/or Citrix’s GoToWebinar.  They are priced between $49-$499 per month and only allow up to 1000 participants at the higher price end.  When you are first beginning to host your webinars, using WebEx or GoToWebinar may not be a smart or budget friendly solution.  Here are my suggested Top 3 Alternatives to WebEx & GoToWebinar:

WebEx & GoToWebinar Alternative #3-

A low cost web conferencing service that allows you to have meetings by the day for up to 15 participants for just under $10 or up to 25-100 participants for between $30 & $70 per month.  Depending upon the package you can have unlimited storage space and meeting recording.  It is a very unique service and even allows those with smart phones or skype to connect to the webinar.  The web conferences are also in HD as well.  I enjoyed utilizing this service for the time frame that I did and recommend this as an alternative.  For your free trial go to: Fuze Meeting

WebEx & GoToWebinar Alternative #2- :

A totally free webinar service. It allows you up to 200 attendees. You can customize your registrations, surveys that show for attendees after the webinar, and the webinar system.  You can invite people and collect info to follow-up.  You can also record your webinars and have a link or download the file.  AnyMeeting (formerly Freebinar) also allows you to create a profile where your webinars will show as well as hook it to your social media where it will let your networks know about your meeting. Since it is free, there will be related ads on your registration and recorded link, but other than that– you’re good to go. For this being a free system, it is very professional looking.  And did I mention it is FREE forever!  I’ve personally used this service and recommend this if you’re on a very tight budget. Visit: to get your account.

WebEx & GoToWebinar Alternative #1: Talk Fusion Live Broadcast & Video Conferencing:

With the Talk Fusion Video Conferencing, you can have up to 15 participants where you all meet face-to-face on your webcams in a conference like setting.  You’ll be sitting across from each other on your “virtual table.”  You’re able to present slides, share videos, talk with multiple presentation participants, share screens and ofcourse share your desktop.  With Talk Fusion Live Broadcast System, you can have UNLIMITED participants. You can send invites and collect info to follow up.  You can share any file type for the most part.  All of the functions of GoToWebinar and WebEx and more.  You can also brand yourself or your business.  You have the ability to record your broadcast for later use.  You will pay a one-time cost of $250 for the system which actually includes 8 products and professional customized templates (and more) and then a low monthly fee of $35! This beats GoToWebinar & WebEx by far! This is my TOP PICK and comes HIGHLY recommended. I feel this is the BEST alternative for other expensive webinar systems like WebEx, GoToWebinar, and many more.  To learn more about this,visit: Talk Fusion Ultimate Webinar System

It is important to have the right tools and resources at your finger tips when you need to do presentations or have meetings for your business.  These Top 3 Alternatives to WebEx & GoToWebinar are all resources that I have personally used or am using and highly recommend.  So if you are someone looking to SAVE money while hosting professional webinars/web conferences and video conferences, then this is a great list for you to start with.

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