I learned that ideal relationships are based on how I relate and connect to my core self. To feel loved, respected, cared for, and close to others, I must find and feel those values for myself first. As Oprah said, “All that we seek in relationships will only be found if we start by knowing and actualizing love in our own being.”

First day learning how to become my peaceful self from deep within my own heart with Deepak & Oprah’s 21 Day Meditation Experience on Creating Peace From The Inside Out: The Power of Connection.

Tweet The 3 Foundational Principles for Endless Abundant Lists of Happy & Loyal Customers are somethings I learned from one of my mentors Jonathan Budd.  These are key principles for building and maintaining a successful business, especially an online business.  Believe me when I tell you that I have learned the HARD way by not […]

Tweet Get Excited & Stay Excited™!! Many people I speak with, including myself initially, always have an issue with being able to eat healthy.  Excuses of it being hard, not being able to control cravings and most of all healthy foods costing so much money.  Well I came across this article that I wanted to […]

Tweet SMILE- Get Excited & Stay Excited™! Another one of my many ways to give back and to be of service to many in need, I wanted to start a special training series called Tech Time With Tresie.  During this time, you’re able to get the technical “know-how” of your business.  Please note that this […]

Tweet SMILE- Get Excited & Stay Excited™! I have something that I have to share with you…. Check out the video below on: Who’s Steering Your Ship? Your Business Vision (Part 1 of 5). Want Talk Fusion? So what do you think? Do you see how this metaphor is appropriate to our business and our […]

Tweet The Journey Within Get Excited & Stay Excited™!  I have been doing a great deal of reading and soul searching here lately.  Pretty much I have been taking a journey within myself and it has led me to have many “realizations” after dealing with internal turmoil for so many years.  While I have not […]

Tweet Today I wanted to share with you my Top 3 Alternatives to WebEx & GoToWebinar since I’ve been receiving questions from many on this topic.  Using a great webinar system to host webinars, seminars, meetings is a smart business move no matter what business you are in; especially if you are in the network […]

Tweet Today I want to speak with you on the Importance of NOT “Throwing Up” on Your Prospects.  Quite often when we learn something new, when we are doing something we love and are passionate and excited about, we want to share it with the world.  When we go to share what we know with […]

Tweet This is something you will absolutely love…I am going to share with you information on How to Get a FREE Customized Self Hosted Word Press Blog.  I will tell you this is something I wish I had access to prior to learning CSS and building my own blog (  This would have saved me […]

Tweet Hi My Awesome Friend, There has been a major shift in the way online marketing is conducted.  Social Media and Video Marketing have revolutionized the market and has created a major shift from the older forms of marketing to what’s working now.  I want to share with you an important aspect of video marketing […]

Tweet Hi My Awesome Friend, I was truly inspired this morning to share this message with you today in both video and with written words…. Protect Your Dreams At ALL Costs. Do you have a dream which you would like to pursue? It can be anything, small dreams or big dreams…? Most importantly, my friend, […]

Tweet With the current recession and rising costs of living, more and more people are looking for different ways to earn extra money. There is also a growing trend amongst stay-at-home-moms to try and help contribute to the household finances by looking for ways to earn money. This leads most toward looking into work-at-home opportunities. […]

Tweet As I have taught my students and as I have learned myself over the past years, the most important thing to do in marketing is list building.  You MUST build your list.  No list equals No money! Here are 3 Top List Building Strategies that I have learned and found are the BEST when […]