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I just couldn’t wait to record this short video I wanted to share with you… As soon as I dropped mini-me off at summer school, I was cutting this video to share with you.

Watch it really quick… some important details that are time sensitive!

You can view this on youtube as well: CLICK HERE

So I do hope that you attend tonight’s special live webcast at 7pm EST, here’s the registration link just in case you missed it: http://kantresesmith.com/infoblueprintnuggets

***Make sure you check your email, but you will be redirected to the live webcast login after you register, just make sure at 7pm EST you login as GUEST by typing in your name***

Now, I know that you’ve been most likely presented with dozens of emails about this product, this system, that trainer, yada yada yada (most likely by people who’ve never invested in any of those things)…. I’m not here to do this.

Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Banner2

I’ve already gone through the entire FREE Video series for the Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint and I have gained so much knowledge and Golden Nuggets that I will implement into my own business ASAP.

Mark Hoverson & Kantrese Smith

Mark Hoverson is really an awesome mentor, trainer and industry leader… not to mention that he earns 8-figures or more!  I have been blessed to be trained by him and even to meet him in person in May of 2011 at the Unstoppable Entrepreneur Event and was fortunate to shake hands with him and get to know him a bit more.

Let me tell you something…with this Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint, he’s not giving you methodologies, he’s actually going to SHOW you how to do it.  You know how big I am on someone TRULY showing you how to do something and not just saying do this, do that, yada yada yada…  Well Mark is laying it all out there in this course.

Now, I wanted to do something SUPER SPECIAL for you ACTION TAKERS!  You see the Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint is going LIVE at 12:00pm EST on Tuesday, July 12th.  If you haven’t watched the videos yet, you wouldn’t know about all the extra bonuses and goodies that Mark has for you including a $200 discount.  You see, despite the fact that this course is worth well over $3000, he’s not offering it for that… he’s only charging $497, but if you are one of the FIRST 2500 (which I know I will be– GET EXCITED) then you’ll get $200 off and only have to pay $297… how awesome is that!!?

Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint Bonuses

Ok, so here is what I have for you… (I can, but I can’t believe I’m doing this)

The first 25 people to grab this course through my Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint link will get a FREE 20 minute 1-on-1 coaching session… (my going rate for an hour is $250+ so you do the math)

You can check out the TESTIMONIALS (click here) from those who have trained with me over the past few years.

Grand Prize Winner Receives

  1. An opportunity to be featured in my upcoming project that will bring tons of exposure, social proof, leadership & marketing experience. (value PRICELESS)
  2. (2) FREE 1-on-1 30 min marketing mentoring sessions (value $250)
  3. (1) FREE Self Hosted Customized WordPress Blog (including 30 min help from me to get you going- value $1500+)
  4. (1) $25 Gift Card to the participating restaurant of your choice

Second & Third Place Receives

  1. (1) FREE 1-on-1 30 min marketing mentoring sessions (value $125)
  2. (1) FREE Self Hosted Customized WordPress Blog (including 30 min help from me to get you going- value $1500+)
  3. (1) $25 Gift Card to the participating restaurant of your choice

And everyone also receives a $10 Gift Card to shop at an online gift store.

There will also be a RAFFLE to see who wins this handy dandy piece of equipment:

Jazz Hi Def Video Camera

Just click on the picture to see all the specs on this video camera- it retails for $279!

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you EMAIL ME after you purchased the course at contact@kantresesmith.com so that I can make sure you’re credited to me to receive your bonuses.  TIP: Clear your cookies prior to clicking on the registration link.

Ok, so I hope I’ve outlined everything.  Make sure  when the course goes live at 12pm EST on Tuesday, July 12th you are first in line to grab the Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint Registration <—- click there now and catch up on all 3 FREE videos.

We’ll be in touch very soon my friend!

To Your Success & Mastery…


Please be advised Kantrese Smith will earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through her affiliate link for The Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint. The  confidential “project” has not been launched yet and you will be notified prior to the public launch of this project. If at any point you refund The Irresistible Info-Marketing Course  you will be removed from “project” early list immediately.  All bonuses are non-transferable unless approved by Kantrese Smith.  Your prizes will be given to the next in line.  Kantrese Smith reserves the right to change the bonuses during or after Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint is for sale. Bonuses may not be exactly as shown.

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